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Natural oil based lube
Natural lube and massage oil
Toronto handmade natural lube
All natural handmade massage oil
Natural lube and massage oil

Luv Up Lube + Massage Oil

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Luscious, slippery lubricant and massage oil imbued with the aromatic purity of lavender, sweet glides of grapeseed, and coconut oil combined... making you irresistible, to yourself and others.

The feel, look and smell of this oil carry a unique vibe that transports to and through the skin so organically. Coconut oil carrying its anti-fungal properties, and grapeseed creating a beautiful slide on the skin, shea butter infusing the moisture, a hint of beeswax to add to the magick and just enough lavender essential oils to keep give you feeling grounded and regal. This product is packed with beneficial, natural, plant-based ingredients and is perfect for solo play/masturbation, vaginal & anal sex or as a massage oil. 


  • Beeswax
  • Coconut Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Grapeseed
  • Lavender Oil
Please Note: This product is not compatible in use with condoms.

Notes from Jaz (Fairy J)

In 2019, one of my neighbours and I were hanging out. We often exchanged items here and there and I happened to mention that I make sunscreen. She told me she would let me know if she ever needed any. So, a few days later she asked me if I make lubricant, “No, but perhaps I can try a recipe for you?” Right away she agreed and said, “if you try something, let me test if for you!”

So I go into my chemistry brain that evening and look at my former lotion and sunscreen recipe and I decide to take a crack at it. I gave it to my neighbour and within a few days, she messaged me and said “Jaz, you have to sell this! It's amazing!!!!!” And there it was, affirmation #3 from the Universe and I had added another product to the line.

Natural lube and massage oil
Toronto handmade natural lube
All natural handmade massage oil