Hi, my name is Jaz/Fairy J. I am a multidisciplinary artist, healer, mother, mentor and the Founder & CEO of Rub of Luv

My Story

Rub of Luv evolved out of my creative practice and journey as an artist. My art has always been healing for me and those around me. Developing this skincare line has been centred around how I can create natural, protective and healing products that are fabulous for the skin. Having had very sensitive skin my entire life, I understand the relief and comfort you feel in finding the right skincare products; because let's be honest, skincare is never just about skincare. How a product feels and works on your skin can drastically affect how you feel in your spirit, your emotions and your energy.

Since childhood, I have experimented with endless products, enduring painful and annoying skin reactions and had many moments of frustration. At a certain point in my life's journey, I made the decision that Mother Earth had enough magick in her to heal and protect my skin. I refused to use store-bought sunscreen and this is how Rub of Luv was born. What started as mixing oils together for a sunny Mexico trip, has culminated in seven years of researching, refining and designing the luxury natural skincare brand of my dreams. I am so grateful to finally share this dream with the world.

Rub of Luv Skincare is about self-luv through skincare. It is about giving your skin the luxury it deserves through products and workshops. If it is right for you, you are going to want to adorn yourself with this vibe all of the time and dip into the self-care luv zone; a zone we all need to find ourselves in waaay more often….can I get an AMEN? 

I end this with an acknowledgment that I follow a line of talented, innovative, hard working Matriarchal power. I follow in the footsteps of my Mom, Grandma Adina, Grandma Uril, Great Grandma Louisa, Great Grandma Charlotte, my Auntie Eve and all of Queens that came before me and left behind them gifts that I am honoured to behold. As I launch this endeavour, I carry with me the creative traditions of my ancestors. From the depths of my soul, I carry their beauty, strength, courage, creativity,  wisdom, power, individuality, energy and vibe. I am grateful for their support and guidance. Ase!